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New Aspects

by Kosma

Kioku Kouka 09:01
Augenblicke 01:11
Odessa 09:09
Aspekte 07:03
Heliocentric 08:08
Blickpunkte 05:15


„New Aspects“ follows „Universal“, the highly renowned debut: A serial of 12“ and nine years later Kosma releases “New Aspects”. Kosma aka Roskow Kretschmann presents an opus, which spreads the Kosma Trademark Sound in a global range and has a lot to tell right back from the sample trip around the world.

Kosma is one of the six Jazzanova members and one of Berlin’s first Hiphop producers, an outstanding record collector and resident at „Plattenküche“ in Berlin’s „Klub der Republik“. For a short time he also produces music by the name of „Sygaire“. In February and March Roskow will be travelling to Great Britain, Australia and Japan to promote his music.

„New Aspects“ starts with a Japanese miniature: gently breathing, the beats come in at the end. Roskow travelled to Japan with Jazzanova. He experienced both the tranquillity of a shrine and the buzzing of a house with four record stores in it. Silence and collector’s passion: a tension that adds a certain quality to the album, it is the overture to Kosma’s orchestriality.

And right to „Odessa“ in seven league boots in the heart of the Ukraine. Is it just a lovely village sound or the staircase put on stage by Eisenstein? Due to this the tune builds up with the smile of a winner and gives space to the choirs sound. But instead of rambling into the vastness, „Aspekte“ gathers its troops and gives a good break in the manner of the 8’clock news, before „Flow“ is getting closer. This tune produced together with Roskow’s friend Erk is committed to folk music. A sensitive delicacy in clockwork’s pulse, which is followed by an excursion to a Turkish bath - "Small Swinging Istanbul". The tempo speeds up, beats like a good massage up to the madness of a Turkish horn section. But why Turkish? Because you should always look for Turkish singles, Roskow would argue.

And quickly for the next twist. "Heliocentric" is a house tune with a "NuGroove" flavour, the early 90ies US house label, for which Roskow shares his passion with his Jazzanova mate Alex, who also worked on "Heliocentric". A fine string section, space sounds in the backpack and – deep. The broken finish is a must, otherwise it would be too easy. Stop over at Berlin and time for triangular trip:

Back to „Odessa“ in a remix, now with a bossa flavour, i.e. a trip to Brazil. Form there to French-Guayana the take-off point for the Ariane rockets. The journey takes us to “Effatholar City”, an imaginary city somewhere, maybe on the moon, on Titan or on the third ring of Saturn.

Finally back to the hexagonal country with the Polish influence, where you can listen like god in France. A beat track in the 60ies style, a bit rougher, a bit crisper, a good round off for a vacation.

On "New Aspects" you are eager to discover the influences, the changes. The elaboration of a very unique kind of a wide spread orchestriality. The diversity of "New Aspects" corresponds with the variety of Roskow's DJ sets at the "Plattenküche" of the "Club der Republik", knowing no blinders.

This takes time of course. But waiting is rewarded because Kosma belongs to the rare species of artists who refuse to be rushed but follow their way consequently and with dedication, working out their ideas precisely. It's good to know that they are still around.


released April 1, 2005

Cat No. IC 118


all rights reserved


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